When Should Babies Stop Wearing Mittens?

When Should Babies Stop Wearing Mittens

Babies typically wear mittens as a chunk of their winter apparel. This helps to stop them from scratching their faces and provides some extra warmth. Mittens are especially beneficial for babies who are just learning how to crawl, as they offer protection against falls. But it is important to know when should babies stop wearing mittens.

A baby’s hands and fingers are delicate. As they grow, they will explore and grab things around them. This is a natural part of their development. Unfortunately, many babies end up with injuries to their fingers or hands as a result of this exploration. There are many ways to keep your child safe e.g by wearing mittens while they’re exploring the world on their own.

Reasons Behind Why Do Babies Wear Mittens

Baby winter gloves are beneficial to newborns and their parents for a variety of reasons. Babies’ fingernails are sharp and can easily scratch their skin, especially if they need to be cut or trimmed. As their motor abilities mature, infants also tend to make restless movements with their hands toward their faces. These unintended motions can easily result in nicks and wounds, especially if they are made close to the face.

Reasons Behind Why Babies Wear Mittens


You’ve heard of babies wearing booties to keep their feet warm, but did you know that mittens can protect your baby’s hands from the elements? Babies have very sensitive skin, and mittens offer protection against irritants like dry air, wind, and even insects. Hand Mittens allow for greater movement and comfort. It also helps to keep babies’ hands warm on colder nights

Break Bad Habits

Babies are susceptible to bad habits. One of the first things babies learn is how to suck their thumbs. And while it may seem cute at first, thumb sucking can lead to speech problems and dental issues later in life.

Mittens have been proven by experts as an effective way to prevent kids from sucking their thumbs. It’s a simple solution for parents who want to help their children break this bad habit.

How Long Do Babies Wear Mittens?

It is recommended that you do not let your baby wear mittens once he or she begins crawling because babies learn by touching things. Babies need to touch things to learn about the world around them.

When Should Babies Stop Wearing Mittens?

Babies can stop wearing mittens when the baby can actively manipulate objects with their hands and not scratch mitts. This is usually around 6-12 months of age, but each baby is different and stops wearing mittens at a different time as well. Understandably, your baby will want to put everything in their mouth, as this is part of the learning process. But just make sure they learn to keep their hands warm and comfortable before you stop using mittens for them.

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Mittens

While infant mittens aren’t required, they can be useful in some situations. So, let us start with the pros of baby mittens


Babies have a hard time coping with cold wind and snow weather and their hands are especially vulnerable. The reason is that they haven’t developed the thick protective skin that covers their hands and feet, so they tend to get all red and gooey if exposed to freezing temperatures for too long.

The best way to protect your baby’s hands from harsh weather conditions is by giving them mittens when they sleep or in the daytime, which will keep their little hands warm during these harsh conditions. Moreover, babies who have cold feet and hands have a greater chance of getting sick in cold weather. Also, check a few ways to keep babies’ hands warm at night.


Wearing mittens would keep your baby’s hygiene. Using mittens for babies is not a new idea. Some people have done it long ago but many parents still don’t know that it can help to keep the baby’s hands clean and neat.

Prevent From Scratching Their Faces

Scratching is a natural reaction for babies, but it can cause skin irritation and even infections. To prevent your baby from scratching their faces, babies should have mittens to wear.

Prevent Babies From Sucking Thumb

Mittens should be worn at all times by babies, especially during the first six months. Babies have a natural urge to suck on something and they can do that with their thumb. The best way to prevent this is by wearing mittens and leaving the baby’s hands-free for other activities such as playing and interacting with other people. Are you searching for the best mittens for infants then check our top picks of winter gloves for Infants and toddlers.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Mittens For Babies

Are mittens bad for babies? let us check out the cons of baby mittens

Extra Comfort And Frustration

The Baby Mittens are designed to provide a bit of extra comfort and frustration to babies, with the theory being that mittens give newborn babies something to grab onto while they are trying to learn how to manipulate objects.


Whenever possible, babies tend to put their hands in their mouths. They would be at risk if they were wearing mittens. How can this be? Insufficient guidance could cause them to choke on the mitten or develop serious health issues.

Blood flow constriction

A baby’s mitts usually have elastic bands that hold them firmly to his or her hands. Some of these elastics may be so tight that they constrict the baby’s blood flow. Baby can’t tell you how they feel, so it may be difficult to determine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Newborns Wear Mittens?

Why do newborns wear mittens? It’s a question that many new parents find themselves asking. The answer is quite simple: newborns wear mittens to keep their hands warm and to prevent them from scratching their delicate skin.

When Babies Stop Scratching Their Faces?

Have you ever wondered why babies scratch mittens and faces? It’s because their skin is sensitive and they have yet to develop the fine motor skills needed to stop themselves. Scratching can also serve as a nervous habit or a distraction when the baby wants your attention. You can stop babies from scratching their faces by giving them mittens.

When To Cut Newborn Nails?

For newborns, you want to cut their nails every 2-3 days. If your baby is crying because of a scratchy nail, you can use a cotton ball or tissue to get rid of any dirt that might be underneath the nail.

Final Verdict

There is no definitive answer as to when should babies stop wearing mittens. The decision depends on various factors such as the climate, the activity level of the baby, and the size of the mittens. Mittens are typically worn by infants up to 6 months of age. After 6 months, infants can begin to wear gloves. The specific age of when should babies stop wearing mittens and start wearing gloves varies depending on the development of the individual child.

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