How to Wash a Toddlers Hair without Tears, Fights or Drama

How to Wash a Toddlers Hair without Tears, Fights or Drama

Does your toddler hates washing hair – or even being in the bath? When you try to rinse the shampoo out of your child’s hair, does he or she throw a tantrum or cry? Whatever the reason for your child’s dislike of having their hair washed, you should use a specifically formulated no-tear children’s shampoo. Even better if you can find one that isn’t scented. Here I have mentioned the tips on how to wash toddler hair without any tantrums or crying.

 Washing Kids Hair Without Crying

Kids Hair Washing Without Crying

What if your child cries every time he has to take a shower? Is it difficult to get him to shower before bedtime? Most toddler hates washing hair but Showerheads can be a great way for washing kids hair as it is designed specially for babies, and can be a great way to bathe your child without having to use your hands. 

Do what you usually do to calm them down. I take my daughter into our bedroom before her bath and tell her she doesn’t need to be afraid; we are going to have fun together. The entire process usually takes 5 minutes. If she starts crying for longer than this, I simply say “Ok sweetie, you don’t need to cry anymore, we are all done.”Then she stops and normal happy playtime resumes.

 Washing Toddler Hair – Tips

Tips on How to Wash a Toddler’s Hair without Tears


Washing toddler hair can be a challenging task, especially if they are scared of water or don’t like having their head touched. However, Here are a few tips on how to wash toddler hair without tears:

  • Use a gentle, tear-free shampoo that won’t irritate their eyes.
  • Wet their hair thoroughly before applying shampoo to avoid tugging and pulling.
  • Be careful not to get water in their face or ears.
  • Use a soft, washcloth to lather their hair and scalp.
  • Rinse their hair thoroughly to remove all traces of shampoo.
  • Apply conditioner to the ends of their hair, avoiding the scalp.
  • Detangle their hair with a wide-toothed comb while it’s still wet.

Do We Have to Use Shampoo?

When it comes to shampoo for washing kids hair, parents are divided. What to choose Baby shampoo, detangler, or other shampoos? Shampoo is one of the most commonly used personal care products. Some kids do great with shampoo and some don’t. Moms should be aware of when to switch to a kids’ shampoo that can properly wash their hair. My preference is for sulfate-free shampoos that are easy on the eyes as far as color goes. 

How Often Should You Wash Toddler’s Hair?

How often should you wash your toddler’s hair? I only use it on my daughter’s hair 1 or 2 times a week and her hair (which is pretty thick) looks and feels clean every time I rinse it out. I put about 5 big globs of shampoo on the top of my daughter’s head/ crown area. Then I spread them around, scrub them in and rinse them out well.

How Long Do You Leave The Shampoo In/ How Many Minutes Do I Spend Rinsing?

How long do I leave the Shampoo in how many minutes do I spend rinsing

Just leave it on until all the bubbles are gone then rinse well (2-5 mins, depending on how thick their hair is). You might be wondering is there a specific technique you that can use while washing toddler hair. Yes, but it’s going to vary from mom to mom based on their preferences. Here is what works for me: 

I put the shampoo on the top of her head, then I use my fingers to gently massage the shampoo into her hair from roots to tips. Then I flip her over and do the same thing to her hair from back to front. Finally, I rinse well (again) and then condition it with a squirt or two of conditioner that I spread around evenly on the top section of her hair first, then flip & repeat for another side. I use a wide-tooth comb to comb out all tangles after she is rinsed and squeeze excess water from her hair with a washcloth).

Final Thoughts

At some point, every parent will have to wash their child’s hair. But washing toddler hair can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, especially if your toddler hates washing hair or refuses to cooperate. I’ve provided you with some tips that should help make this process much easier for everyone!

Have any questions or comments about washing kids hair without shampoo? Share them below! We love hearing from our readers! 

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