How to Make a Photo Booth Frame for a Baby Shower

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame for a Baby Shower

You are a mom-to-be and you know how precious this period is. In no time at all, you are about to celebrate your baby shower. So, make your little moment extra special, and consider throwing a photo booth party to capture these moments with your baby through a photo booth frame. A photo booth is absolutely a fun addition to any birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, or adoption announcements. It allows guests to take silly pictures, which means your event will be the talk of the town for weeks afterward. In this article, I will walk you through different tips on how to make a photo booth frame for baby shower.

Tips – How To Make A Photo Booth Frame For Baby Shower

 How do you make a photo booth frame? If you don’t know the process then follow the following tips to learn how to make a photo booth frame for baby shower.

Measure The Booth Photo Frame

Start by making the photo booth frames with a large piece of cardboard. Before cutting or turning the cardboard, measure it and mark how big you want it to be.


The best size of the booth photo frame is 51.25×42 centimeters. Make a mark of 10.5 centimeters at the bottom of the cardboard, and 3 centimeters at the top, left, and right sides. It would help if you use a black marker to make lines visible on the cardboard. Do not use a pencil for marking otherwise lines will not be prominent.

Cutting The Cardboard

When cutting the cardboard

  1. Wear gloves for hand protection
  2. Put the ruler on the marked lines
  3. Take a cutter for cutting
  4. Keep the ruler straight for neat and clean cutting
  5. Make sure that the ruler does not go anywhere from its place
  6. It’s better not to use scissors for neat cutting

Smooth The Edge

Using sandpaper to smooth the edge of cardboard is perfect for a beginner DIY-er. The process isn’t complicated and doesn’t require any fancy tools. Don’t rush, and use the proper motions.


Thermocol sheets are used to give a longer life to cardboard boxes. Thermocol sheets are made up of polystyrene materials which are used as an insulator in buildings and other structures. These sheets can be used to increase the life of cardboard boxes and protect them from moisture, dirt, water damage, etc.

Decoration And Some Sassy Lines

How to plan a baby shower? A baby shower is one of the most anticipated events in a woman’s life. As a host, you invite family members, friends, and neighbors to this event, all under one roof. And on this special day, you would like to make it as memorable as possible because after all, it is your first time experiencing it. You can write some sassy lines on your baby shower frame like:

  1. Two become three
  2. Gender
  3. Due date
  4. I’m going to spoil my baby with love
  5. Waiting for you
  6. Land safely
  7. You made me a proud mom
  8. Burn in the oven

Decorations Ideas For Your Baby Shower

Here are some ideas that will surely make your baby shower more enjoyable for you!

Create A Theme

Show off your style at a baby shower. You can use the outfit and decor theme to create an overall look that reflects your personality and the sort of life you want for your baby, while also giving you plenty of opportunities to include personal touches.

Give Tiny Gifts Items To Kids

Aren’t you going to give gifts to the kids at your baby shower and capture moments with a baby shower frame? oh! That’s not good. Bring some small gifts from a nearby store or market, place them in a trolley to look more elegant, and give them to kids coming to your baby shop.

Fun Activity

Baby showers are a wonderful way for families to plan some games to play, add music to dance, and celebrate the upcoming birth of a child. But in addition to the baby shower games and activities, other fun bits of entertainment could round out the evening.

You can capture a special moment with your baby through a baby shower frame not only for a baby shower but also for the baby’s first birthday party. No matter the occasion, a first birthday dress is an important part of the festivities. No matter the size of your party, picking out the right dress is important, and capturing wonderful moments with the photo booth frame is a must.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby or honoring a beloved family member or friend by making friends photo booth frame, Photo Booth Frames has everything you need to throw an unforgettable party that will be remembered for years to come. Now, you know how to make a photo booth frame for baby shower at home with the above-mentioned guidelines.

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