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How To Keep Baby Playpen From Moving

How To Keep Baby Playpen From Moving

When it comes to spending time with a baby, parents often have a choice between playing with the baby in their arms or putting them in a playpen. Babies have been instinctively drawn to play and they love to spend time in a playpen instead of being constantly held by their parents. It’s actually better for the baby to have some structured playtime and explore his/her surroundings.

Regardless of everything, the baby Playards are usually slipped and slid around whether you have an active baby or a slippery floor. It potentially puts your baby in danger. There are some precautions to prevent baby such a moment from happening. However, safety is always the top priority.

Why Does Playpen Keep Moving?

The playpen can be moved for various reasons:

  • When the material of the playpen is lightweight any active baby can move it.
  • If it is situated on slippery tiles or hardwood floors.
  • If the playpen does not come with rubber stoppers on the legs, metal legs will not keep the playpen in place.

Benefits Of Having Playpen

Having a playpen is a great idea for keeping your baby amused for hours. There are a number of benefits:

  • Playpens provide shelter for your children during outdoor activities or gatherings. It is a convenient way to keep your in front of your eyes while you’re having fun with your partner or friends during the picnic.
  • Playpens keep babies safe from getting into electrical sockets or eating other things.
  • Playpens allow children to explore the play area on their own, without being distracted. This encourages experimentation and healthy growth.
  • A Playard is easy to fold up and carry while traveling.
  • Playpens are safe and secure, no matter how wild or playful your child may be.

Tips – How To Keep Baby Playpen From Moving

Here’s how to stop the baby play yard from moving:

Mount One Side Of The Playpen To The Wall

Playpens provide a safe place for your child to play when you need to do some other things around the house. You can ensure your baby’s safety by mounting one side of the playpen to the wall. This will keep it from being able to move as your child plays, preventing any potential accidents and making it difficult for your child to climb out. When choosing a large playpen for babies, make sure the playpen should come with wall brackets. Installation for such is simple. Just position it where you desire and use screws to secure the playpen to the wall.

Mount One Side of the Playpen to the Wall

Place Mat Underneath The Playpen

Mats underneath the baby’s Playard can help to prevent it from moving and possibly tipping over. Many parents have found that this is a helpful way to keep their babies safe and prevent them from getting injured. A blanket could also do the trick, but people usually go for a mat because they have rubber bottoms that grip slippery floors.


Place Mat underneath the Playpen


Anchor The Playpen To The Floor

If all other attempts have failed, you can use household objects to do the job. Some parents preferred wooden chests or side tables to keep their babies playpen in place. If you do not like this, you have other options, placing door stoppers on the corners of the playpen. You can also place anti-slip material onto the feet of the baby Playard to keep it moving around.


Anchor the Playpen to the Floor

Place Rubber Furniture

Rubber furniture movers are used to lift your playpen and protect its legs. You will find the floor less slippery, and you will need to push against the mover, not just tip it over, for it to move at all; this will make it difficult for babies to push their playpen away easily.


Place Rubber Furniture


Frequently Asked Questions

At What Age Should Babies Use Playpen?             

The ideal age is 6 to 8 months but every baby develops differently. Some babies may be ready to start using a playpen at six months old, while others may not be ready until they are 12 months old. It is important to remember that every baby is unique and will learn at their own pace. Parents should watch their babies for signs of readiness, such as being able to sit up unassisted, grabbing onto objects, and rolling over.

Having Baby Playpen Worth It?

A playpen is a way to keep the baby safe while playing. This is especially important when you need to get things done and can not always keep an eye on them. Additionally, they help minimize the risk of accidents happening in your home since your child can stay in one specific area. Another great benefit of playpens is that they help foster independence in children.

How Long Can A Baby Use Playpen?

The playpens can use from age six months to three years. But you should stop using the playpen once your baby reaches 34 – 35 inches tall and can easily climb out of it.

Final Thoughts

When you have a little one at home, you want to make sure that they’re safe and comfortable in their playpen. But if your playpen keeps moving around, it can be an annoying and dangerous problem. It’s a very important safety issue that all parents face. This is the reason, I’ve discussed a few ways to keep the playpen from moving. This article offers tips to help how to keep a baby’s playpen from moving. By following the above tips, you can ensure that your child has a safe and secure play area.

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