A guide to Can I dye my hair while pregnant

Can I dye my hair while pregnant

Pregnancy brings a lot of responsibility and questions like can I dye my hair while pregnant? In the mother’s mind to take good care of herself and her baby. You will be going through massive changes in your life and body. Hair color is one element you can alter according to your taste when pregnant.

During your visits to your stylist or salon during pregnancy, you’ll often find yourself questioning everything, including ‘Can I dye my hair while pregnant?’ Yes, certainly dyeing your hair when pregnant is safe for you and your baby as dyes aren’t toxic on a dangerous level. However, there are certain limitations and precautionary measures that you need to keep in mind when opting to dye your hair. Continue reading this article to find out if can you dye your hair while pregnant.

Is It Okay To Dying Hair While Pregnant?

dye my hair during pregnancy

A new look or a fresh hair color can elevate your mood and keep your mind off pregnancy-related stress. It is entirely normal to be afraid of any exposure to toxins and chemicals during the nine months of the pregnancy journey. To clear your misconceptions and to guide you on your usage of dying hair while pregnant, we have prepared this comprehensive article for you.

What Happens When You Dye Your Hair?

Apart from achieving the hair color you were looking for, it’s essential to know how the dye affects your body. Small amounts of the dye products come in contact with your skin during the procedure. You can take a relief sigh as only a tiny amount seeps into your skin and isn’t harmful to you or the baby.

You can satisfy your question that ‘can I dye my hair while pregnant’ by going for a complete hair dye process. You have many varied options for opting for highlights and streaks of frosting. Moreover, you can avoid direct contact with the product on your scalp by being extra careful throughout the process.

Tips On – Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant 

Hair dying While pregnancy would not generally affect you or your baby in any harm’s way. However, to eliminate any slight chances of damage coming your or your baby’s way, we have set some tips for you.

Wait till you reach the mid of pregnancy

It would help if you waited till the passing of the first 12 months of your pregnancy to embark on your hair-dying adventures. You would be thinking about the logic behind this suggestion. Well, the first 12 months of the pregnancy are crucial to eliminating shortcomings in the baby’s formation, premature delivery, and most importantly, miscarriage.

Furthermore, you should be aware that pregnancy changes your hair. Surprisingly, hair growth is at its peak during the first months of pregnancy. Your hair might react differently to color or become more frizzy or unpredictable.

Using a safer hair color

The brand or the company that you purchase your products from plays a vital role in how it will affect you.

The first step is to give your doctor a heads-up about your plans for the hair treatment so he can best recommend you. Next, you should make sure not to get any root-affiliated touch-ups. It means not to involve the dye to be applied in the roots of the scalp where the product can enter your bloodstream via skin pores.

Try shifting to a gentle or a light color. It would help if you were looking for Ammonia-free base colors for your hair. You could also take up the alternatives like less processed henna dyes or DIY hair color solutions.

Be Well-Ventilated

Hair dying is a fun experience, but it could have some side effects. You must cover your hair with a cap or a cloth and be seated where you are open to fresh air throughout the process. Carrying out these practices can aid in avoiding the inhalation of toxic fumes. Your body hormones will keep on changing as the pregnancy weeks progress, and they will impose changes in your hair as well.

You must also be vigilant when applying the color. Wear gloves, and don’t leave the dye in for an extended period. After completing the process, gently and effectively remove any last product traces from your scalps and skin because you would not want your hair to be overly processed and damaged.

Test before fully applying

Pregnancy brings out a lot of drastic hormonal changes in your body, and your hair is a significant part of it. Your hair might react in an unusual way to the color you apply. Even if the same mixture turns your hair blue during pregnancy, it might change to orange! Before completely covering your hair in the mix, try applying the color to a few strands of your hair to ensure the outcome; hence, no surprises!


If you have decided to opt for a new look by altering your hair color, go for it! Do what makes you feel good in your skin, and dying your hair would not harm you or your baby. But, keep this article in mind and the tips to achieving a healthy hair color without harming the fetus. Remember the changes in hormones and their effect on your hair when the question ‘’can I dye my hair while pregnant’’ pop up in your mind.

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