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10 Best Bassinet For Small Apartment – Best Picks 2022

Best Bassinet For Small Appartment

When living in a small apartment, every inch of living space is essential. This means that you need to carefully consider all of your furniture purchases, including the purchase of a bassinet. The best bassinet for small apartment is the perfect way for a newborn to get the sleep they need whilst being close to their parents, and they don’t take up a lot of space and can easily be moved from room to room as needed. They are portable, and they also recline, which is the reason, it is an excellent bassinet for c-section moms 

Benefits Of Having Best Bassinets For Small Spaces

Co-sleeping Bassinets offer several benefits for both parents and babies.

  • They are an ideal sleeping space for newborns, as they help promote better sleep.
  • Bassinets for breastfeeding and diaper change provide moms with the utmost peace of mind.
  • Easy mobility
  • It weighs less than a crib
  • Convenient for room sharing
  • Perfect for small living spaces
  • Less expensive than a mini crib
  • Easier to lay your baby down

How Do Bassinets Save Space In Small Apartments?

When you live in a small apartment, every square inch is important. That’s why many people choose to use a bassinet instead of a crib. Bassinets are smaller and take up less space, which is perfect for small apartments.

Best Bassinets For Small Spaces

1. Dream On Me Lacy Portable Bassinet –  2-in-1 Delight

Dream On Me Lacy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet, PinkWhite


Buy: Dream On Me Portable Bassinet

Dream On Me Bassinet serves as a bassinet and a portable crib. The portable bassinet has a dual usage bassinet and a rocking cradle. The Lacy is a perfect small space bassinet for your newborn when the baby needs soothing, rotate the wheels upwards to convert it into a rocking cradle. It can be used from birth until your baby reaches 25 lbs.

The storage basket below the small space bassinet is a great place to store baby essentials. It also features a full multipurpose canopy that helps keep bugs and insects away. Plus, it has a stylish pink and white design to complement any nursery. 

Product Information


Item Dimension   34 x 18 x 41.5 inches
Fabric      Polyester
Material Metal
Weight       11 lbs
Weight Capacity 10 pound
Mattress Pad Dimension       30Lx15Wx1H inches

What Do We Like?

  • This bassinet is JPMA certified to meet or exceed ASTM standards.
  • It has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to move from room to room.
  • Polyester fabric is very safe and soft for babies.

What Don’t We Like?

  • Wheels quality needs to be improved.


2. Graco My View – Bassinet With 4 Stages

Graco My View 4 in 1 Bassinet Infant to Toddler


Buy: Graco 4-in-1 Bassinet

Graco’s My View 4 in 1 mini bassinet can be used in four ways. Firstly, This bassinet raises the baby to your level, so you don’t have to check on them. Secondly, The bassinet is perfect for snuggling your little one close. It offers a cozy place for the baby to sleep and is easy to get into and out of.

Thirdly, The infant travel bassinet is removable to keep your baby by your side at home or on the go. Finally, A spacious bassinet for a toddler can give your little one plenty of room to sleep comfortably.

Product Information


Item Dimension 23.19 x 33.5 x 32.25 inches
Item Weight ‎        23 pounds
Material Composition    Polyester

What Do We Like?

  • Two integrated wheels help to maneuver easily.
  • Canopy with soft toys gives a soothing atmosphere.
  • Bassinet transitions smoothly from one stage to another.

What Don’t We Like?

  • The bassinet is not easy to take apart.


3. Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet – Sturdy Bassinet

Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

Buy: Dream On Me Lotus Bassinet


The Lotus small space bassinet comes with four adjustable height positions that make it easy to find a height that matches your bed. Plus, it makes picking up and laying down your baby for a nap easy on your back.

This lightweight co-sleeper bassinet has mesh sides for ventilation, making it perfect for summertime napping. When spending time outdoors in the Lotus, an optional mosquito net canopy can come in handy.

Product Information


Item Dimension 37 x 22.5 x 26 inches
Material              Cotton
Item Weight      16.75 Pounds
Weight recommendation 25 Pounds

What Do We Like?

  • The bassinet is JPMA certified. It meets ASTM & CPST standard
  • It has a retractable storage basket.
  • It is easy to fold into a carry bag.

What Don’t We Like?

  • You may experience the awful smell for the first few days.


4. Fisher-Price Soothing View Vibe Bassinet – Amazon Exclusive

Fisher price soothing View Vibe Bassinet

Buy: Buy Fisher Price Bassinet

The Fisher-Price Soothing View Vibe Bassinet is designed to provide a comfortable environment for newborns. It features a gentle vibration and soft music to soothe and calm babies. This bassinet is perfect for travel as it is lightweight and foldable (under 6 inches), plus it has mesh sides so you can keep an eye on your baby.

Product Information


Item Weight    13 Pounds
Item Dimension     22.44 x 33.07 x 24.41 inches
Material       Mesh
Material Composition   Plastic
Batteries    3 C batteries required


  • The sheet is a machine-washable
  • The mattress pas is wipeable.
  • Turn the feet to the side to switch from rocking to static mode.
  • It is simple to set up – unfold it and slide the switch to lock it.

What Don’t We Like?

  • It is not pluggable; you need batteries.


5.  Delta Children Sweet Dreams Bassinet – Long Lasting Material

Delta Children Sweet Dreams Bassinet with Airflow Mesh Bedside Portable

Buy: Children Sweet Dreams Bassinet

This lightweight mini bassinet features an airflow mesh bedside, which promotes air circulation and helps keep the baby cool and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for warm weather travel. This best bassinet for small spaces features an electronic pod with music, nature sounds, a nightlight, and vibrations. It comes with an ideal storage basket for keeping your baby’s necessities close at hand.

Product Information


Item Dimension   32 x 20 x 30.5 inches
Item Weight   30 pounds
Material   Mesh
Material Composition   40% fabric, 50% metal, 10% plastic

What Do We Like?

  • The bassinet is JPMA certified.
  • It has a waterproof mattress pad.
  • The sheet is machine-washable.
  • It comes with 4 locking wheels for easy mobility.

What Don’t We Like?

  • No batteries included (you need to buy separately)


6. Dream On Me Bassinet – Best Choice For Travelling

Dream On Me, Traveler Portable Bassinet

Buy: Dream On Me Portable Bassinet

The Dream On Me, Traveler Portable small space bassinet is perfect for on the go. It’s lightweight and easy to set up, making it an excellent choice for travel and the baby’s bedroom. This is one of the best bassinets for small spaces designed with mesh sides to provide good ventilation and visibility. It comes with a padded mattress that is easy to remove and fold for compact storage. You don’t have to worry about your child making a mess – remove the mattress and wash it.

Product Information


Item Dimension    37 x 22 x 27 inches
Item Weight    7.05 pounds
Mattress Dimension    33.5Lx20Wx1H inches
Material    Polyester
Max. weight recommendation  25 pounds

What Do We Like?

  • JPMA certified
  • Meets ASTM and CPSC standards.
  • This product has a detachable zipper cover that makes it easy to clean.
  • The Bassinet has snap-on legs & a one-piece top structure.

What Don’t We Like?

  • The chemical smell is awful.


7. Delta Children Deluxe Bassinet – Lightest One

Delta Children Deluxe Sweet Beginnings Bedside Bassinet

Buy: Delta Deluxe Bassinet

The Delta Deluxe portable crib is lightweight and perfect for taking on trips, with a built-in nightlight, soothing sounds, and vibrations to help lull your little one to dreamland. It has Dual Storage, which is perfect for storing linens, diapers, and other newborn supplies. The Deluxe mini bassinet has locking wheels for extra safety and easy movement between rooms. Plus, it folds up quickly and easily for storage or travel.

Product Information


Item Dimension         21 x 35.5 x 45.5 inches
Max. Weight Recommendation   30 pounds
Item Weight      10.6 pounds
Batteries    Required

What Do We Like?

  • Include an Adjustable and removable canopy.
  • It comes with a machine-washable sheet.
  • Water-resistance mattress pad.

What Don’t We Like?

  • The hood does not stay on.


8. Evolur Stellar Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper – Award Winner

Evolur Stellar Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper

Buy: Evolur Stellar Bassinet

The Evolur Stellar Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper, Beige is designed as a space-saving bassinet that can attach to any bed size. This best bassinet for small spaces includes a quilted pad with a foam insert and a fitted sheet. The mini bassinet comes with mesh panels on either side that provide visibility to parents and encourages airflow for the baby. It’s ASTM-approved, which means it meets safety standards.

Product Information


Item Weight      20.5 pounds
Item Dimension   35 x 22.25 x 30 inches
Material      Mesh, Fabric
Max. Weight Recommendation     25 Pounds
Mattress Dimension     32.5″ X 19.5″ X 1″

What Do We Like?

  • 5-position adjustable height
  • Include carrying bag
  • Rotating adjustable feet
  • Quick assemble without any tool

What Don’t We Like?

  • It is pretty shaky.



9. Delta Children Bassinet – Gets No.5 On JPMA  Certified Bassinet

Delta Children Smooth Glide Bedside Bassinet

Buy: Delta Children Smooth Bassinet

The Delta Children Smooth Glide Bedside Bassinet is an excellent choice for parents looking for the best bassinets for small spaces with all the bells and whistles for a baby nursery. This mini bassinet features lights, sounds, and vibrations to soothe and comfort your baby, making it perfect for use in any house room. It also has a storage basket to keep diapers, wipes, and other essentials close at hand. Lockable wheels make it easy to move from room to room.

Product Information


Item Dimension 32 x 21 x 45.5 inches
Age 0-5 months babies
Max. Weight Recommendation      15 lbs

What Do We Like?

  • Include adjustable canopy
  • JPMA, CPSC, and ASTM certified
  • It comes with a water-resistance pad and fitted bedsheet.

What Don’t We Like?

  • The basket slips down.




10. Serta iComfort Hands-Free  – Auto Glide Bassinet 

Serta iComfort Hands-Free Auto-Glide Bedside Bassinet

Buy: Serta iComfort Auto Bassinet


The Serta iComfort Hands-Free Auto-Glide Bedside Mini Bassinet is a portable crib designed for babies 0-5 months old. It features a built-in electronic system that automatically rocks your baby to sleep, providing them with a more comfortable and restful sleep with a soft-glow nightlight and twinkle lights. Additionally, the Bassinet has a storage area for diapers, wipes, and other baby supplies which makes it the best bassinet for small spaces.

Product Information


Item Dimension 33 x 21 x 47 inches
Age Limit    0-5 months
Material    Plush

What Do We Like?

  • JPMA certified and met ASTM and CPSC standards.
  • This product includes an AC adapter for battery-free operation.
  • Easy to move from room to room.

What Don’t We Like?

  • The cover continuously falls off.




Things To Consider Before Buying Best Bassinets For Small Spaces


There are many different types and styles of bassinets available on the market, but not all of them will be a good fit for your tiny apartment. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying the best bassinet for small spaces:


You need to find a nice flat sleeping surface and some breathable mesh sides.


When choosing a bassinet, it’s essential to consider all your options carefully. Size, frame design, and adjustability are all critical factors to look at. You want something that’s not too big or bulky but still adjustable to fit your specific needs.


Small bassinets for small spaces typically don’t take up much space. Their footprints are usually about the same size as the sleep unit.


Bassinets that serve as bedside bassinets and a changing table are more space-efficient and provide additional flexibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Is Good For Bassinet Use?

The ideal age for bassinet use may vary depending on the child’s health and development. However, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) recommends considering using a bassinet for newborns until they reach around six months old or until they start to push up on their hands and knees and try to roll over.

Can Babies Sleep In A Bassinet Once They Start Rolling?

Babies feel more enclosed and cozy in a bassinet, making it easier to fall and stay asleep. In general, babies should transition out of their bassinet when they start to roll over onto their stomachs, increasing the risk of SIDS.

Final Thoughts


Having a baby is one of the most exciting and meaningful occasions in a person’s life. It can also be challenging, especially for first-time parents living in a small apartment. There are many things to consider, but one of the most important is finding a place for them to sleep. A bassinet is an excellent option for smaller apartments; I’ve shared my review about the top 10 best bassinets for small spaces and baby rooms. If you find the one that fulfills your needs, let me know in the comment section!

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