Hi, my name is Keren Smooth. I’m from New York. When I was just three years old, my mom died – a very traumatic experience that left me feeling loveless all of these years. For this reason alone – not getting any motherly love or attention as a child – I decided to become the best mommy in the world and give everything to my children just like other Moms. Being a mother is not an easy task. I did a lot of hard work to achieve this.
My friends LaTarsha Holdenton and Renae Reinardy forced me to start Blogging under the company name “K2babycare” to share my knowledge of parenting with other Moms, to become a better Mom tomorrow than today.


I aim to provide the highest quality information, guidance, and customer service to parents everywhere.


K2 BabyCare strives to provide valuable information for parents to make the best decisions for their children. With my knowledge and experience, parents can feel confident in the products they choose for their children and the care they provide.