17 weeks pregnant – Baby’s Development

17 weeks pregnant

Imagine growing a large potato-sized human in your uterus; it must feel exorbitant, right? Pregnancy is the ultimate rollercoaster ride for nine months which prepares you for motherhood for a lifetime. Our guide highlights all the necessary information you need when you’re 17 weeks pregnant.

It would help if you didn’t feel lost during your 17th week of pregnancy. Hence, we have designed this article for your guidance in week 17 of pregnancy. Continue reading and explore your baby at 17 weeks, your ever-changing symptoms, checklists, etc., at 17 weeks pregnant. You can make your 17th week of pregnancy enjoyable by creating a list, tracking your baby’s growth, etc.

Internal changes such as being 17 weeks pregnant

Being a 17 weeks pregnant mommy means that you have surpassed the 1/3rd part of your pregnancy journey. You are now familiar with the nausea feeling, blotting, and frequent urination problem. However, the variability in your hormonal level is also making you moody and can cause more dizziness these days. Being 17 weeks pregnant is not easy when you’re having a child for the first time. But we got you, below are the important tips and tricks to how to take care of yourself and enjoy your mommy-to-be journey.

Your Baby’s Development

In your 17th week, your uterus prepares your baby to face the world outside its walls. Furthermore, your bond with the baby via the umbilical cord is continuously bolstering. Curious about your baby’s size? Well, that little one is now about 8-10 inches from head to toe and weighs roughly about 6-7 ounces.


Every week of pregnancy is filled with some unique and exciting developments inside your fetus. Baby at 17 weeks will develop his own set of distinct fingerprints. Another fascinating fact is that even if you nurture identical twins in your fetus, they would still form different fingerprints.

Baby’s movement

If this is your first time being pregnant, this phase would undoubtedly be beautifully overwhelming and new. Usually, moms encounter their baby’s movement between 17-24 weeks. You might feel a fluttering and rolling-like sensation in your uterus. The baby usually moves frequently after meals or when you are preparing to sleep.

Formation of Fat

Formation of Fat

Baby at 17 weeks grows up at a rapid pace and gets more active within the amniotic sac. To regulate his/her body temperatures, the baby has now developed a layer of brown fat under his/her skin which will further augment during the upcoming weeks of your pregnancy. The fat keeps the baby warm once it’s outside the domains of the uterus.

17 Week Fetus

During the 17 week fetus grows rapidly. By the end of this point in the pregnancy, the fetus is about 4-5 inches long and weighs about 4 ounces. The 17 week fetus starts to look more and more like a baby. The development of the fetus is continuing rapidly, and the baby is growing quickly.

Your Symptoms

Did you notice anything getting bigger recently? Don’t worry about it, as your body is continuously changing with your baby’s growth. Your breasts would significantly go up 1 or 2 cups; your belly would start forming the ‘pregnancy bump,’ and even your feet might get bigger!

Increased Sensitivity

During your 17th week, you may say hello to stretch marks! In case you have a fear of forming this change, you could reverse it by drinking loads of water and frequently moisturizing your skin. The formation of stretch marks and the itching sensation are all because your skin is stretching. If you develop a rash, inform your doctor about it.

Body ache

Your uterus is continuously growing, which means that it is putting additional pressure on your abdomen. You’ll find yourself complaining about back pain and pelvic pains as well. Your health care physician could recommend you to stretch more often or wear a belt to suppress the aches.

Dizziness and Vision Changes

When you get up, do you encounter feeling light in the head or like your world is spinning? This change is associated with changes in heart rate, increased blood, and thickening of veins. Vision downsizing is a minor change that you will experience till the birth of your baby. You are likely to experience dryness in your eyes and blurry vision.

Things to Consider this Week

Pregnancy sure is an overwhelming journey of 9 months. Hence, we have prepared a few things that you could consider doing to keep you relaxed and bring clarity to your mind.

Ultrasound Exam

Aren’t you curious about your baby’s gender by now? You can get an ultrasound if you are willing to find out! However, it can be a tricky process for your doctor as the baby’s position doesn’t always cooperate reasonably to identify the gender. Even if you do not go for an ultrasound, it’s always fun living with curiosity and making guesses!

Managing your diet

Managing Your Diet

Are you getting conscious about your increasing weight? The idea that you need to eat for two lives isn’t practical. During the last couple of months, you don’t require a lot of calories. You should know that your baby is doing just fine without you consuming all that food. However, you should ensure that you take all your vitamins, especially vitamin D, to help your baby’s development.


Exercise works wonders for your heart muscle strength and lungs while being 17 weeks pregnant. You could go about your experience with low-impact sports like swimming and yoga. However, you will still need to adjust your physical activities with the growth of your bump.

Talk to your partner

Even the most profound relationships can often feel compromised. The added stresses of finance and changes in lifestyle can grow a drift between the partners. It is significant to take some time out and talk to your partner. Try communicating your feelings and impressions of things. You could make him feel more involved in the whole process, like your doctor appointments and yoga classes. You could also reach out for therapy of having 17 weeks pregnant this time to gain a new perspective on things.

Doctors visit

Are you confused about your 17th-week doctor’s appointment? We have your back as we have listed the most expected outcome from your second-trimester checkup.

Your doctor could ask you questions about your symptoms and suggest antibiotics or any such remedies. Your doctor would go about the session by reviewing your chart and following up on your previous appointments. He would discuss test results or suggest new ones according to your situation. It always comes in handy to ask any questions you have in mind about your symptoms or the baby.

Your Checklist

It is always safe to make sure you are on schedule with your pregnancy. If you have any plans, you can consistently execute them timely with a proper checklist. Here are some of the indexes for you.

Try to be more relaxed

It’s essential to sit and back and relax during pregnancy. Try practicing yoga, breathing exercises, and massages. A relaxation is a necessary tool for navigating early parenthood.

Gender reveal

Suppose you’ve already found out the gender of your baby at 17 weeks during the ultrasound test. It is the right time to start planning your gender reveal party! You could look for great ways to tell the sex of the baby to your family and friends.


A couple of months are left till the delivery, and you would have already started imagining holding your baby. The arrival of the baby begins to become more believable. If you already don’t have a name planned out, you can start brainstorming names for your baby.

Tips for your child

Every mother would wish to have a healthy baby, and for your ease, we have laid down a few tips to ensure the birth of a healthy baby.

  1. Wear low heels or flat, comfortable shoes while walking. Your balance is vital to avoid any chances of a scary fall.
  2. Getting prenatal massages is an effective way to pamper your body and relax muscles
  3. Exercise frequently to stay physically fit to ensure smooth labor.
  4. Avoid consumption of cigarettes and alcohol to ensure your baby’s development isn’t harmed.

Self-care tips

Your pregnancy will challenge you, and you must do good with your body. Having a healthy lifestyle is a critical component of providing you and the baby with the best support. It would help if you drank plenty of water and consumed fresh fruits and vegetables. Further, you should moisturize your skin daily to avoid itching and developing a rash. Avoid traveling and communicate any discomfort or new development with your doctor.


Pregnancy can be an emotional journey since all mothers want to do their best for their babies. This guide sets down the different aspects of your 17th weeks pregnancy. After reading the article, you can finally take a breath of relief and buckle up to face your new week with the recent changes and developments in your pregnancy.

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