14 weeks pregnant ( Do’s and Don’t)

14 Weeks Pregnant

At 14 weeks pregnant, your baby has started its growth in your uterus. This 14-week pregnancy guide will advise you through all the essential information, from your baby’s growth to your symptoms. The 14 weeks pregnant woman is now in the second trimester, and during this period, you will feel hungrier, so be prepared for that. Plus, you will be less nauseous, like in the first trimester, so thankfully, the second trimester makes you feel good and more energetic.

Baby’s Development at 14 Weeks pregnant

Baby's Development at 14 Weeks pregnant That little angel of yours is already fashioning some new moves. Over the past few weeks, your baby has continuously transitioned into a beautiful young person. Despite the growth of the genitals, it’s still early to depict whether it’s a ‘He’ or a ‘She.’ But when you’ve waited 14 weeks, these next 26 weeks will go by in the wind. The tiny fetus has now filled out to the size of a fist and is always on the move. Believe it or not, your uterus has turned into the baby’s playground. And don’t worry about the movement, which will kick in with a twitching sensation in your last trimester.

For now, you will experience smooth and leveled activities in your uterus. Referring to the size, that infant will now be weighing about 2 ounces and measuring between 3.5 and 4 inches. An excellent intake for excited parents is that your baby could be rooting out some hair. Fun fact: the hair isn’t just limited to the head; it extends to the eyebrows and the body. A warm welcome in your second trimester comes with the growth of your baby’s features. That little one could be smiling right now!

Mom’s symptoms at 14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant Every mom lives her unique pregnancy symptoms. Some might even start sensing tightness in their jeans through the waist area by this time. It may be the right time for some fun maternity shopping trips now. However, if you’re not popping a bit by now, then don’t worry because you’re also nearing that phase. Again, be assured, take a good deep sigh, and know that your baby bump at 14 weeks is perfect, no matter what it appears! Fourteen weeks is the same as following in 4 months of pregnancy which is also said to be the ‘honeymoon’ phase. Your body will start gaining back its energy levels, and you will start feeling less tired and exhausted. Yes, there is more good news to it. You finally get a break from constant trips to the toilet, either pee or vomiting.

Another amazing second-trimester fact is hair growth. Isn’t that just food to your imagination? These are one of the physical perks you may enjoy during this time. Breast leaks should not come as a surprise to all the mothers-to-be. A thick yellowish liquid would frequently take up your attention. That is colostrum, and you can understand it as the source of the infants’ nourishment before producing breast milk. Remember that this too is normal, and if it bothers you, you could always use breast pads to contain the leakage. An essential factor to consider at 14 weeks is appetite. You’ll encounter constant cravings for eatables since you’re past the nausea phase. Now, if you don’t want to end up gaining excessive pounds and losing those curves, try sticking to a healthy and nutritious diet. Other regular symptoms include mood swings, bloating, swollen feet and hands, leg cramps, and sore breasts.

Things to keep in mind

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of mixed emotions and feelings. You may encounter various physiological symptoms. But no need to panic or stress over it. However, whatever the sentiments, you must do your best to follow a healthy lifestyle to ensure the best support for yourself and your baby till the end of the pregnancy. We have you covered with fantastic guidelines and a list of things to consider upon reaching 14 weeks of pregnancy.

  • A diet encompassing all the nutrients to keep you and your baby nurtured. You must take vitamins like vitamin C to support your veins while they’ll be sustaining excessive pressure.
  • Exercising is a vital component to be considered during this phase of pregnancy. If you’re not a huge fan of gym and workouts, a simple 15 mins regular walk will suffice for the cause of ensuring that blood pumps efficiently in the legs and throughout the body.
  • Dress comfortably to feel relaxed and less discomfited.
  • If you’re a smoker, you can still quit till the 15th week to reduce the health risks for the baby.
  • Ask your doctor or dermatologist to look for changes in your skin, such as new or changing moles.
  • Consider enrolling in a birthing class with your partner. Some initial research goes in no harm’s way!
  • Talk to your doctor about these plans if you’re planning a pre-baby adventure. Stay hydrated, limit traveling or sitting for longer than 6 hours, and keep your seat belt fastened.

Health examination

In your 14th week of pregnancy, you won’t be feeling a lot of movements, but there are a lot of hormonal changes inside your uterus. All prenatal doctor’s visits open a lot of knowledge and opportunities for exchanging concerns. Ensure all the appointments are marked on the calendar and don’t skip any(everything is essential!). And don’t forget that you don’t have to go on these doctor visits yourself. Your partner, friend, or family member is welcome to join you for support, ask questions, and share your concerns with your healthcare provider. Nurturing your baby inside your uterus has already given you a warm welcome to motherhood, and this tail of motherly adventures will continue. Upon your 14th week’s doctor visit, you will have to respond to general questions about your symptoms or follow up on any concerns raised at the previous appointment.

Doctors feedback

Furthermore, your blood pressure, weight, and urine sample will be analyzed to ensure everything is okay. You are moving on to the most magical moment of the check-up: The HeartBeat. Listening to your baby’s heartbeat will be the most wholesome experience during these visits. The practitioner will use a Doppler for the heartbeat and a measuring tape to analyze your baby’s size and growth rate. Your doctor will also be open to filling you in with information and guidance. He will update you about the current and future changes in your body and baby, answer questions, and provide tips on how to stay healthy and happy until the day you give birth.

Your Checklist

The 14th week happens to be a golden time to connect with your partner. Avail this opportunity to grow attachment and inclusion of your partner in your 14-week pregnant duration. It is a great time to go about parenthood as a team. Discuss how you envision a division of responsibilities and ask your partner to accompany you in your prenatal visit. Make time for activities you enjoy and ask for the help and support you require. Planning a trip should stick up on your to-do list. A weekend away or a short trip is a great way to sit back and relax before the newborn’s arrival. Whether you’ve chosen a personal name since high school or never thought about it, it’s not too early to start thinking about your baby’s name. Look for unique characters and their meaning, history, and popularity. Exercise during pregnancy can improve mood, alleviate sleep, reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, lessen stress and physical discomfort, and even prepare you for childbirth. If you have problems staying motivated while exercising, try taking prenatal yoga and water aerobics classes. Since your energy is back, use it for movement.

Tips for the Baby

Tips for the baby Are you so occupied sometimes that you forget to eat or skip a meal? Set a couple of ‘Fed the baby?’ reminders around your house or room. If you are still afraid to eat because of impending nausea, be aware that sickness can worsen on an empty stomach. Start with liquids such as water, fruit juice, smoothies, and soups, slowly fill your belly, and when you feel your stomach can handle it, move on to solid foods. Try eating small and light meals every 2-3 hours to regulate blood sugar and digestion, especially if you suffer from morning sickness. When you go out for groceries, skip processed foods and go for fresh food since they have all the minerals and energy. Besides dietary needs, wear loose and light clothes, especially when exercising. Choose a sports bra that gives support to your tender yet large breasts. Another health tip to keep in mind during any time of your pregnancy is not to get any tattoos. You would not want to take even the slightest chances of any infection entering your bloodstream by a needle and harming your baby.

Self Care Tips

This time of pregnancy is also the most relaxing Since you’re past the motion sickness stage and not close to the pre-birth cramping phase. Your early pregnancy symptoms have considerably downsized by now. The second trimester is typically known as the physical and mental relief stage. This phase allows you to be less anxious about the pregnancy and focus on your independent self. Plus, your belly movement isn’t restricted, so you can work and move around freely.

Mental Relaxation

The chances of miscarriages drop significantly during the second trimester and allow you to be relieved. Being worried all the time during pregnancy is still okay, and it is also encouraged to talk to your health care supervisor about your concerns. A more significant and helpful help would be to refer to a psychologist and learn some anxiety management tips. I’ve listed some tips to get that stress off your mind:

  • Try practicing deep breathing, which is encouraged by doctors as it helps alleviate stress.
  • Stretch will aid you in feeling better since stress causes your muscles to tighten.
  • Self-talk plays a crucial role in directing the mind towards positivity. We recommend statements like, “I am relaxed and ready to take good care of my newborn”.
  • Enjoy small sips of peppermint tea which acts as a sedative and a muscle relaxant. Don’t worry; it is caffeine-free and won’t be of any harm to your baby.
  • Massage is a great way to get rid of all the unnecessary stress and bad vibes during pregnancy. Focus on your breathing during the process to help fade that stress away.


Exercise 14 weeks Pregnancy This period also serves as the perfect time to get some muscles moving. Exercising is the best way to stay active and healthy, and not forget that it helps release stress. To all the pregnant women out there with a fear of getting a C-section, this exercise recommendation is especially for you!

Go for a Vacation

The second trimester also sets the most reasonable time to go on a vacation. Plan a fun trip with your partner or loved one to relax and have fun. Pick a destination that offers relaxation and enjoyment in a safe environment. You would not want to be traveling for long hours. Another safety measure would be to consult your doctor before considering any plans to avoid unnecessary complications. Nausea could still get triggered during the travel; hence be sure to pack some medicines.

Skin Care

Afraid of getting moles popping up during this time? Well, pregnancy is funny as it brings you these changes. Due to skin expansion, there are chances for your existing moles to grow larger or new ones to grow. It is always wise to have your new or changing moles checked by your skin specialist to avoid unwanted skin textures. However, these mole appearances are harmless, so you need not panic. Plus, investing in a good moisturizer never causes any harm!


The second trimester will serve to be a beautifully unique experience for you. You will experience the fetus movement for the first time since the start of your pregnancy, and that will be something! Enjoy this time, as it’s the easiest part of the pregnancy. Analyze and look into your symptoms and discuss them with your doctor. Not to forget to develop a clear understanding of your pregnancy weekly to aid in making effective decisions and planning for the big day!

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